Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You're Sh§t, but You're Chicks are Hot!

Those were the sounds of thousands of Aussies ringing through Ktown before the match with Italy. Obviously, we cheered for the Aussies. And, obviously, the ref came through for the Italians in the end.

This message is really intended for Italy: Nobody likes you, or that stupid game you call calcio. Go home, shower, shower again (use soap this time), learn how to run without tripping over blades of grass, grow some sacs (US boys, you can do that as well) and then maybe the world will enjoy watching you play again.

Now, I am in the unfortunate position of wanting Italy to beat the Ukraine as a Germany-Italy semifinal might make my tickets valuable enough for me to want to sell them.

In Cologne today, rainy, but that provides the perfect excuse to drink Kölsch all day and watch soccer. Mom, don't worry, I took a break from the sauce for the last two days.

Can you imagine the quarterfinals? Germany vs. Argentina, England vs. Portugal, Italy vs. Ukraine (snooze) and Brazil vs. Spain or France - awesome stuff.

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