Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too much Munich!

After such a successful trip to a traditional German restaurant in Nuremburg, we decided to try some authentic Bavarian grub in Munich. Mistake, mistake, mistake. Hans and Mick both ordered the "Meat-Loaf" while I ordered the "Veal Goulash". Turns out Meat-looaf in Bavaria equals "hot-dog-loaf." Their meals were plate sized slices of hot dogs with a side of neon yellow potato salad. Yuck. Mick actually polished his off while Hans could only bear to eat about half. Winner = Hans. My goulash turned out to be dog food in disguise.

That pretty much ended our night and we were forced to retreat to the confines of the Easy Palace Hostel where we were assured to have "Easy" access to a throne.

Day number 2 had us return to our senses and return to eating food that comes in towers. We visited Sausalitos, a campy Tex-Mex jaunt near the Hofbrauhaus and ordered the Sampler Platter yet again. Lesson learned, when in doubt, order food in towers. The sampler platter was a 4-tiered tower of tex-mex power that had just about everything imaginable on it. It was no coincedince that we chose tex-mex on the day Mexico were to take on Argentina. Go Concacaf.

We took in the game at the Hard Rock - before you jeer, Hard Rock´s are cool evereywhere but the US. What do they serve at the Hard Rock Munich? Liter Beer of course! By the end of the night, Mick and I each put down 5 liters, while Hans succumbed to the tex-mex power and headed home after only 3. To celebrate one of the finest goals we`ve ever seen (and Mick and I have seen many goals together - most going into our own net unfortunatley), we headed out to a club with some kids we met at the Hard Rock. That`s where the night gets blurry. At some point, we got into a cab with one of the kids we met and some Germans - and headed to a Rave! Good god. No idea how we got there - and lets just say we redefined "sh§t show" while we were there. If it hadn't been for the id bracelets the Easy Palace made us where, god only knows how we would have gotten home. Yikes.

Lessons learned in Munich:
  1. Bavarian food is crap.
  2. No need to drink 5 Liters of Beer.
  3. Never get in a cab with random Germans (I feel like we should have learned this from Indiana Jones).
We spent the next day touring the beautiful Olympic Park and watching the games at the fanfest. The Portugal-Holland ref should be shot dead. Next stop: Ktown for Italy-Australia!

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Anonymous said...

rks, no idea how the K-Man found your blog, but I'm glad he did, its hilarious.

Thankyou for supporting us Aussies, and I think this particular entry is definitely your best. Shower, shower again (this time use soap)... man I'm killing myself laughing. Mind if I use it as my own?