Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mexican Double

Today, i encountered the greatest burger to ever grace the earth: the Mexican Double. Hans and I met up with Mick and Ranjan yesterday in Cologne and basically thilled the day away watching the Black Stars take it head on to Brazil and then France dominating Spain. Maybe some poor decisions by Aragones had something to do with that.

Anyway, Cologne lived up to its reputation to be a great party city, even on a rainy Tuesday night. We were unsuccessful in our bid to get into a club because of our lack of proper footwear. I think we discovered an old east-block relic in their custom of not letting us buy our way into the club (it`s not lost on me that Cologne has never been ruled by communists). Ah well, we danced the night away at another club and we basically took over the podium of a dance floor in the middle of the club. Great stuff that Red Bull - Vodka!

By the way, k├Âlsch, the local Cologne beer, tastes like warm piss.

On to the real story in Cologne, the Mexican Double. Mick persuaded us to follow him to Berlin and we had our brekkie at the BK Lounge. I opted for the burger that had two chargrilled all beef patties with nachos on top. Brilliant!

In Berlin now - will probably die soon.

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Clifford Mayes said...

If you don't die in Berlin, I will kill you when you get back to the USA, you big red dog.