Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 1(day/night who really knows?): Amsterdam

We arrived in Amsterdam and have found Europe fully immersed inWorld Cup mania. Not surprisingly - this city is full of English fans who can't seem to keep their shirts on (more on that). On my flight over, I randomly ended up sitting with 2 other guys sporting US jerseys - pretty odd to have the only guys wearing US jerseys to end up sitting together when we're all random strangers.

Hans and I checked in to our craptastic Hostel and immediately headed out to start sampling the local beverages. We knew that we had to stay awake to quickly acclimate to the time change so we opted for a diet of the 3 Grolsch and 1 Red Bull (then repeat). We ended up watching the England-Paraguay match at a packed English pub that charged 50 cents have a piss. They had a nice little scam going by only charging 10 euros for Grolsch pitchers - causing us to piss often (little do those bastards know - we ran across the street to piss in a coffeehouse - all we did was piss, swear). Sitting next to us were some English fans who looked like they were the unfortunate biological result of breeding amongst an Island race.

After they luckily beat out Paraguay, and Aussie and I congratulated an Englishman who proudly proclaimed "Whoa! Look at this! We've Yanks and Convicts! It's all here now!" Awesome. Not surprisingly, the Mexican ref sucked. We met some Irish lads who knew a lot about American soccer - and not just our euro-based players. That's the great thing about the World Cup - so many people who just care about soccer.

After a quick nap/shower, we caught the end of the Sweden-TnT snoozer - the Swedes looked like they wanted to prove they are overrated while the Soca Warriors held strong and represented the region well.

We knew we had to stay up until at least 11 here so we continued to drinkand watch soccer. Argentina looked very classy in their win over the Ivory Coast. We perused the red light district for a while - eh, whatever. We'll have to see how it compares to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and Prague.

So, English men can't seem to keep their shirts on. They roam around in packs - I feel like they're here for work, but they are always sitting around at pubs. It's not that hot here mind you, they just love letting their glory guts hang out.

Pictures of Amsterdam will be posted soon - Mike W. is joining us later and we're going to take in the Holland-Serbia match. Should be quite the party if Holland pull it off.

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Anonymous said...

Where's your post on the US-Check match? Did you piss a lot at it?