Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nuebla Nueve!

The day belonged to the Mexicans in Amsterdam as they trounced Iran 3-1. I think the old saying is true - all you need to have a good time is a mexican! We watched the Holland match in amsterdam with our Korean roommate Kim. I asked Kim if he liked beer, he replied "you´ve been to Korea, you know how Koreans drink." In Korea, koreans drank until they passed out no matter where they were. It seemed as if passing out first was a badge of honor. Kim did not fail his countrymen. He also maintained the Korean tradition of not letting anyone fill their own beer. Everytime Hans and I grabbed the pitcher for a refill, Kim interjected and topped us up. He passed out aound 5 and was done for the day. One day, this space will be filled with a picture of that!

We watched the Mexico game with about 30 Mexicans before meeting up with Mike W. The Mexican fans took their fiesta to the streets after El Tri dropped the tri on Iran. We partied with the mexicans for a while before relaxing with some of the local culture. A comedic sight for sure.

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