Thursday, June 15, 2006

Walking in Memphis!

Lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-looooooooooo, lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-looooooooooo Deutschland! These were the sounds of Berlin last night as Germany assured themselves of a place in the second round with the win over the Poles. We watched the match at the fanfest with about 10,000 Germans and 20 Poles. Amazing stuff. Flags everywhere, Singing the entire match. We saw Guile (from Street Fighter II acclaim) destroy some poor German kid - only the second fight we've seen at the world's biggest Man-Fest in the week we've been here.

After the match, the fans took the streets of Berlin in grand fashion. We ran into some other Americans outside of the Brandenburg Gate and wouldn't you know it, they were from Toledo! A brother/sister duo that went to St. Ursula and St. Johns. Small world. We made our way back to our hostel where Hans ran into a guy from Chicago on his soccer team. I think it's not just a small world but that we are just the coolest. people. ever. Just before we got back to the hostel, we encounter a band of German kids belting out Marc Cohn's smash hit - Walking in Memphis. Great stuff that bier!

We went out to the clubs at about 1:30 with Roger from the Atlanta House. At H20, we saw the second perfectly proportionate midget of the trip. She was maybe 3 feet tall but perfectly proportioned. We were seperated at another club. I hopped in a cab with a driver who decided to take me for a free sight-seeing expedition before he dropped me at our local kabob hut. I met some Croations and Irish there. The Croats had to make the drive back to Croatia so they were refuelling with some Red Bull and wodka. (it was 7 am!) Amazingly, Hans and Roger found there way to the Kabob hut as well and the party raged on for another hour. That makes it 2 nights now that we partied till the sun cam up. So much for getting over the jet lag.

Today, we're going to attempt to go for a run - the only way to sightsee - and then we meet up with the Atlanta House to get set up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers show.


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