Friday, June 23, 2006


We warmed up for the US-Ghana match by singing the night away at the hofbrauhaus in Munich. Hans, Brian and I ran into the NJ Brigade on the streets of Munich. They had already been to the Hofbrauhaus and were three sheets to the wind when we caught them - mind you, it was 5 in the afternoon. We persuaded them to return with us which was very easy to do. Hans and I made a vow to each drink 4 liters of beer before we left. When I finally get pictures on here, I´ll post the before-and-after shots we took of ourselves. At the Hof, they serve beer in liter steins and half-liter steins. After 6, the only serve liters. We, along with fans from Australia, Korea, Spain and Germany took turns singing for our countries. Great times. I can proudly say that the US owned the day. We had fans at tables in each of the various halls so we were able to spread our sound far and wide. The Aussies gave us a little stick with their "I´d rather be an Aussie than a Yank" chant, to which we retorted "I´d rather be a Yank than a convict!"

Andrew and John from the Atlanta House showed up as well and they joined us at our table. We were also joined by Bernie and his son. Bernie was a guy from Richmond who turned out to only be able to drink 2 liters before having to call it quits. His 19 year old son was quite the champ though. Something tells me the mother does not approve.

Anyway, if we did not win the singing battle, we surely won the drinking battle. Hans and I polished off 5.5 liters each, while Brian came in with a respectable 3.75. He did eat the chocolate mousse though.

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SarahJSeo said...

Oh my gosh, how did you drink that much? I'm in absolute awe. I can't even begin to imagine how loud Hofbrauhaus got--it's huge! Koreatown has been a sea of red lately, but alas Korea lost today, so the spirit will be no more. How sad.