Friday, June 23, 2006


Ok, so here´s the scoop on Prague - it´s a small city with not terribly much to see and beer is cheap. You can pretty much guess what we spent our time on their. First off, if you ever go to Praha, I recommend the Czech Inn - it´s not exactly in the center of the city, but it is a short tram ride to Wencelas (sp?) Square (the main square). It´s cheap, very clean and they have cheap beer. My only complaint is there keyboards - which is the real reason i didn`t blog earlier.

So beer then, we spent 2 nights there - the first of which we ended up at the 4 story club on the river right next to the Charles Bridge. Chances are, if you´ve been to Prague, you´ve been there. The club turned out to be more frat party than club and of course, drunk (shirtless) english we´re abound. We encountered one chap who accessorized by hanging a toilet seat around his neck. Now, i´m guessing that the big czech bouncer didn´t let him in with the toilet seat so he must have borrowed it from the club - gross. When I asked another English fan (who was actually wearing a shirt) which club he supported, he answered by promptly pulling his shirt over his head and exposing the Newcastle shield tatooed on his back. Always with the shirts off! Something Mick can´t even explain.

After a few too many vodka-red bulls, I managed to find myself in a slapping contest with some Irish. Classic. While I was slapping away, Brian and Hans decided to serenade the clubgoers with their rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" which saw them singing "and the rocket´s red glare" to the entire tune of the song. As happenstance would have, we ran into Rob and Mike from the Atlanta House. We left the club with the sun coming up - never good for sight-seeing the next day.

The next night, we met 2 girls from Iceland who just might be bigger lushes than ourselves. They had just taken a 12 hour train from somewhere and passed the time by getting completely soused on wine. We shut down 2 bars with them before we couldn´t find anymore, which was not for a lack of effort on their part. They approached every pimp, crackhead, prositiute and every other nightcrawler that inhabits the streets of prague after the sun sets to inquire about "some bar." Ahhh, Prague.

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