Sunday, June 25, 2006

Munich Again

Now that our team has gone home, we are free to enjoy the World Cup as spectators (when we had a team to support, we were participants). After the match, we drowned our sorrows with the regulars from the ESC, the NJ Brigade, the Atlanta House and the two Mikes from Cali. We were also joined by another member of the Kookie Boys in Mick. Unfortunately, as we gained a member, we lost Brian as he had to go back home to work - sucker (though Hans and I are definitely jealous of him). Running low on time and big on appetite the next morning, Hans, Mick and I went to a traditional Nuremburg restaurant by the train staion and quickly dedcided to order the most outrageous sounding thing on the menu - a sample tower of meat. We had a roast, 2 different kinds of sausages, pork chops and some amazing bread dumplings. The goodies arrived on a three-tiered tower of heaven. It took us all of 12 minutes to devour it. Definitely order the same if you ever find yourself in Nuremburg - it´s in the castle by the train station.

We came back to Munich yesterday and found pretty much the same party that we left it as before we went to Nuremburg. We took a cab from the train station and were fortunate to meet the most bizzare cab driver ever who knew a lot about Chicago because of the "stories" (tv shows) he´d seen about prohibition-era Chiacgo. He asked Hans, a chi-town resident, about Speakeasies, Lake Michigan and Slaughterhouses. He didn´t want to talk about Al Capone though because he hadn´t been featured in the stories that most recentlay aired.

Germany happend to play Sweden here in the Round of 16 and a German win set the city into a frenzy. Amazing chaos, but the real chaos did not start until then next night - which you get to hear about in my next post.

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