Friday, June 16, 2006

Californication at the Schlemmer Pavillion

Hans, Roger, Kotas, Jodi, Rob and I headed out to far east Berlin to catch the RHCP show at the most secluded ampthiteater in the world. we had to take an old rickety train to the middle of nowhere and then walk through the woods. of course, there were bier and wurst to be had along the way.

i think we were the lone americans and people seemed to like us. they laughed at us anyway which is good enough for me. we met some brazilians who were obsessed with singing the croation soccer song - which I consider to be the best song so far. Oh yeah, the show was amazing.

We returned to Dante's in downtown Berlin and kept the party going. As has become our custom, we ended the night on the corner (though, this time at 3 am) at the Schlemmer Pavillion for some Doner kebabs. God only knows how many Doner kebabs we've eaten, but our combined Wurst count currently stands at 9. Dissapointingly low I know. It's sure to improve as we head south.

Because we'll probably die if we spend another day in Berlin, we're heading to Mainz a day early. Thankfully a guy we met yesterday pointed us in the direction of a solid Biergarten there.

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