Saturday, June 17, 2006

Do or Die

It´s time to put up or shut up. This is our Independence Day. I hope Bruce finds something to say to motivate the Boys to play well enough to win today. Let´s be honest, if our expectation was to blow through the group, we were all seriously delusional. The real goal was to play well enough to win each match and then hopefully we´d find a way through. That didn`t happen Monday and a similar performance will see our boys fly home on the 23rd. Which, coincidentally, is the same day that they flew home in 2002. Also coincidentally, today is the 4 year anniversary of the 2-0 result against Mexico that saw us through to the quarterfinals of Japorea 2002. God, please let history repeat itself today! (and i´m not talking about 1990 repeating itself)

We are staying in Mainz - a smallish city in the Rhineland. We arrived late last night and took a nice stroll through the city - very beautiful. Lots of cobbled plazas and tudor style buildings (I think Hans said "tudor" - he may have actually been speaking of his foul smelling "tooter" though). There is a cathedral built right into the middle of the downtown area. Amazing to see the modern development spring up around the history - that sort of graceful juxtaposition is something we rarely see back home.

We didn`t go out last night figuring that we needed to save ourselves for tonight - we did however locate a replacement for the Schlemmer Pavillion - the Tuffli Barek. We leave it all in the stands tonight - and if the boys don´t produce, you may well see me on the pitch. Brian joins us today as well. He has no idea what he is in for.

My Prediction: USA 3 : Italy 1


Jessica Smith said...

While watching the USA v Italy match, I saw you in the stands. I had no idea you were over there, yet I was not shocked to see your face on TV at the World Cup. Stu told me about your blog. Sounds like you are having a good time. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Rish, you were on TV somewhere around the 77th minute of the Italy match. I was in a bar in Brooklyn and when you came on I shouted "Hey! That's Rishi! He was my college roommate!" I don't think anyone believed me. Great game though.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, had I known soccer had so many hot ass boys in it, I would have started watching a long long time ago! If you see Carlos Bocanegra, Todd Dunivant, Santino Quaranta, Christoph Metzelder, please give them a pat on the ass for me. And who the hell is Michael Owen? He is HOT!!! Sounds like you're having a little too much fun! ha ha. Keep it going!

rakesh said...

hah, thats funny he was on tv. i was actually looking for him, too. 77th min? didnt see him. if someone has tivo, screenshot that and post it up.