Monday, August 27, 2007

The Jesus Phone

For those of you who are still reading this, you may be wondering what that Test picture was all about. Well, I lost my cell phone the other day and decided to replace it with an iPhone.

No, the sombrero is not a scalp-like trophy I scored off of some Mexican. It is merely a decoration on my wall designed to keep me filled with the appropriate amount of rage.

Several upcoming matches - US-Brazil on September 9 at Soldier Field. The match is being billed as the "Clash of Champions" and will feature full strength squads from both sides.

Also, Luis, Mick and I are heading to Barcelona and Basel in October to catch the US play Catalunya and Switzerland.

Finally, it looks like the last match on the schedule for 2007 is a friendly against South Africa in November. I will most likely not be heading to that match.

I'm guessing if Bob Bradley fails to get a result for the rest of the year, he will be fired early next year and everyone's favorite candidate will sign on to lead the stars and stripes.

Chicago is setting up to be a complete boondaggle. Hope to see you there!


ROGER said...

OK, you are a COMPLETE asshole...I book tickets on a moments notice to head out to Chi-town for ONE day...and the only love you give is the the BASTARDS that actually have the time in October to head to Spain with you...I am butt hurt and bitter...I need a Slurpee

bellwether said...

WHERE WHERE WHERE are you getting tickets for the Basel game?

rks said...


we're getting them from

We're going to get the best seats possible.