Monday, July 02, 2007

Amy from Detroit.

Do you have any pictures from the game. The consensus amongst El Cuatro is that you're either hot or not. Please advise.
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Andrew said...

As I'm sure you've already heard, you and Kotas were on the tele. Halftime of the match. I didn't see Roger, not sure what Luis looks like, but I only saw the two of you. Only ones in the frame.


Anonymous said...

Again, brilliant work on the Blog Rish, cracked me up on a miserable day at the office.
By the way what was the 3 finger salute all about?

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend thinks so....

Here is a picure you may like. An Associated Press photog took your photo before the game.


Alexander said...

Great blog, it defo took some time out of my boring work day.

-Alex from Chicago (props on the GC exit, we love giving Monterrey hell at Fire games ;-)